Mayweather v Maidana... outlier event?

I could see this as being a boring fight with mayweather winning on points, but maidana putting in more effort, and winning an outrageous split decision…


I love this fight cuz no matter how bad maidana gets out-boxed, he’s gonna keep bringing some heat. I’d say if it goes to decision, mayweather wins but theres a slight possibility that maidana will knock him out.

This is gonna be a good fight, can’t wait! My guess, Mayweather is going to be too fast and decision in his favor. Would love to see someone get knocked out though, doesn’t matter who, to be honest.

I can’t wait to see Amir Khan get floored by Mayweather. How did a boxer with no chin get anywhere near a shot at mayweather

My money is on Mayweather for sure. Mayweather is going to do the usual, if he makes a mistake though i can see Maidana taking advantage and going for the KO. Mayweather is a tough guy though, he will not go down easy. He’s been down like once in his entire career I think?

mayweather’s only enemy is age nowadays

When are they fighting?

mayweather will make maidana look out of place and uncomfortable and coast to an easy victory

business as usual

One more day

super close fight but i agree that mayweather won


I didn’t think maidana would put up as good a fight. Khan next for mayweather. Considering putting some cash on a 3rd round knockout

khan looked good you think mayweather will knock him out?

also there is prob a rematch first with maidana


I don’t think i’d pay for the rematch. Khan v. Pac would be an odd twist that i think would generate more revenue.

I’d pay to see pac man vs khan. winner to get a shot at mayweather. I’m still gutted that pac man vs mayweather didn’t happen when both were at their peak. I’m convinced that pacquio is a drugs cheat, either that or mayweather smeared him.

Khan is a good fighter but he has no chin. Combine that with the very british tendency to get over excited, forget the game plan and go all guns blazing. I think Mayweather would out point him anyway but if it was marginal he could go for the knockout.

I was never too sure if you guys were aware of this tendency. Now it confuses me as to why you guys don’t temper it for better performance. I blame it on the rag media running the rainy isle.

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There’s too much money on the table to not have a rematch.