Mayweather vs McGregor

i dont watch much MMA, whats the deal with this mcgregor guy why is he such a big deal?

he has a good record and is quite arrogant … but a lightweight

^so why is he trying to box floyd?

he probably ran his mouth like he usually does and said he is the best boxer and tweeted it or something and sparked rumors to talks, but I’m not sure how it actually panned out what I do know is that in all likelihood mcgregor thinks he is a better boxer than mayweather at the sport of boxing

Just saw it looks like it was initially fueled by a British tabloid called the Sun

i train 6 to 12 and would probably throw a 12 to 6 on mount like when jj did.

why would you train in illegal moves you train for groin kicks and eye gouges as well?


Fast forward to the fighters.

First press conference, TBE killed it!

Boxing rules will be used. Of course Mayweather will win.

all this is a cheap copy of the glory WWE years

and that’s the bottom line cause…

i mean dude beat the big show, like he gonna lose to some IRA wannabe


this is FAKEEE. Mcgregor walking around smiling. If this is a legit boxing match, those dudes wouldve decked each other yesterday.

Sports take place in an arena with rules and refs.

If you want to see street fighting at bars, maybe hit up New Jersey.

Money Mayweather said he’s going to wait till the payday, he don’t fight for free.

Apparently Money owes $22MM to the IRS, so it’s going to feel like fighting for free to him.

someone here should offer money mayweather their services…greenman?

I’m fully aware of the advantage MW has given its a boxing match and how different boxing is to mma. That said, i bet 100 to win 500 on McGreggor. At 154, the weight is in favor of the bigger, taller, younger man - CM. Furthermore, MW has had problems with south paws in the past. Finally - ive been watching MW train and he looks slowwww.

That was very well structured. I felt like I was reading an essay by James Joyce on the joys of farting on people (true story, look it up).

Money Mayweather making it RAIN on McGregor!