Mayweather vs McGregor

I have some serious doubts on this happening but really want it to. I’m a big Mayweather fan so likely to fly to Vegas to catch this one live, if it goes down. Thoughts?

So wait its gonna be a boxing match? Never was really into the boxing vs mma debate (enjoy boxing myself) but that seems like one playing the other guys game. Would be like asking Man City to come play the Patriots

It’d definately be a boxing match. Should be easy work for mayweather!

One would imagine, McGregor wants to get smashed for a huge purse I cant blame him. If the MMA paydays were bigger I could imagine Floyd having no problem getting beat up for a massive payday.

Mayweather would definitely lose in an MMA match, but boxing oh man I would love to see McGregor get knocked… would be fantastic

Yeah easy win for Mayweather if it goes ahead. McGregors surely only doing it for the purse, no way he thinks he can actually win…

Yeah I’d take almost any boxing fight for that purse

this would probably be the last fight he (Conner) would need to take. Experts estimate it would be a billion dollar fight from the collection of boxing and mma fans. I would love to not only see the fight, but the hype too. Both men play the bad guy, and play it quite well.

I can’t see this happening personally. As others have said, if it’s a boxing match then McGregor doesn’t have a chance.

How does it work with the UFC, are the fighters exclusively contracted to them? If not then this could be a game by McGregor where he’s basically saying “look, I’ve got other options so I don’t need you”

Yeah, but I think McGregor would jump out of a UFC contract for a boxing fight even if it pissed off Dana White But, from Dana’s perspective, how good would it look for a UFC fighter to beat a champion boxer (even though we know thats not going to happen)

I don’t follow boxing anymore, or MMA, but if this fight ever does happen, Mayweather better have a clause in the contract that says McGregor loses his share of the purse if he decides to start throwing kicks. I don’t know McGregor’s personality, but if I were an MMA fighter and knew I was in the middle of getting my ass handed to me in a boxing match, I’d probably just get myself DQ’d for a nice kick to the head.

^ that’s a very American view point on sport.

^ That fight would not be sport, it would be spectacle.

I’m sure i read Dana White (btw that’s clearly a girl’s name) has already ruled Mcgregor out of the NYC event and UFC are playing a game that’s based on them thinking that McGregor has no other options but to come back with his tail between his legs and apologise and accept all their terms if he wants to fight again.

tweeting that pic changes that assumption so I think it’s just a negotiating tactic.

true, but it would be contested within the sporting rules of boxing. if McGregor lost his rag and kicked Mayweather he’d become a hated man in Ireland and the UK for being a cheat.

^ Being hated is generally good for business when you’re an athlete. Just imagine the build up for rematch.

this does happen remember Bones Jones on 12 to 6 elbows DQ who the hell trains on 12 to 6 elbows? it was like a bad reflex for him 3 to 9 and 9 to 3 FTW

f-that , f-pride take the 20 mil or 40 mil or 100 mil , take the loss and run

I don’t see a leg kick happening. I think it wouldn’t be treated like a headbutt (loss of point) but more like an intentional shot after the bell or fight. There was a boxer a while back who threw a punch after the fight was over, really injured the guy, got barred and charged. Would be some very serious repercussions.

i don’t like McGregor but dont think he’d sink to that level

its not about sinking to that level. you develop these innate reflexes that you do thousands of times so when you fight MMA it just kicks in. if anything, I would think the strongest reflex he would have is if they were close and to throw an elbow or something. he might not even think about it or mean to do it, it could just be that he is close enough and his massive amount of MMA training reverts. and then, he could possibly could control it for the fight. I really hope this happens