MBA+CA+CFA prospects in IB

This question is open for people around the world.

But I think person from India would better understand the combination mentioned above.

what are the job prospect for MBA+CA+CFA level 3 cleared fresher has in IB?

(MBA from top 10 B-school in India other than IIM)

can a person with this qualification stand any chance in GS,JPM,MS,Citi?

or is it necessary to work in small boutique or reasearch firm before applying to the 4 companies mentioned above?

What’s a fresher?

If you need all those designations just for an entry-level job, it’s probably not worth it. Don’t indian b-schools require work experience?

get an IT job, folks around here make legit dough and work 9-6

Doesn’t sound like it, they have 23 year old MBAs.

So they do a bachelors then a masters then MBA, with zero work experience? Jesus christ.

Because haven’t you heard, an MBA by itself is a key to a great job!

to be truly competitive, you need a MBA+CFA+MD+PHD+JD+LOL

^ You forgot the most important of all, the much coveted CFP.

^claritas gets u interviews

^ And babes.

How about the FRM and CFP? I think adding these two would give him the best chance

Why not throw in CAIA while you’re at it.

Anyways, i was hoping for better discussion on this. But it turned out to be fun for you guys.

^ It’s because your chances of making it into those banks you listed, in a revenue-generating function, is virtually zero. It’s close to zero for US citizens who are better educated than you.

The harsh truth is that banks are not falling over themselves to pick up grads from India and ship them to the states, you would even be rejected from an admin, data-entry job because no way in hell are they going to sponsor you. They are barely hiring grads from their own country. You need to set your sights a little lower and get realistic.

thanks. and i was realistic when i said ‘is it necessary to work in small boutique or reasearch firm before applying to the 4 companies mentioned above?’

but still i will settle for the above answer.


try to join a firm at low-level and rise up the ladder. It’s tough to climb, but no job is easy. Companies do not hire people at higher cost (in your case, the cost of visa, relocation and the time that you will take to become productive). So, gain the experience as much as possible rather than hunting for these companies and the designation. Don’t aspire to use the CFA, MBA or any other degree as a passport to US / job / company / designation. Companies do not buy your degree, but YOU. Your time will come; you need to have the patience.

Additionally, it’s not about designation, but your work. You can always offer the employer to relocate at your own expenses (except the visa part) once they make an offer to you. But remember, you have to be very good in your work. So, spend time learning, gaining experience, networking, in research job profiles, …

Good luck!

You should check “Alphabet Soup” thread to get AF’s perspective on multiple designations.


  • Experience triumphs every designation

  • CFA is not golden ticket to entry in investment field (ER/AM)

  • IB guys don’t have and don’t care about CFA

  • Network, network, network to get your foot in the door

  • Strong Network >> CFA + MBA


Thanks a lot…!