I would just get out there and start working. Really what will you say when you have a JD MBA CFA and you are $100k in debt and still cannot get a job.

eureka Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Then again, by the logic we are using, you should > become a petroleum engineer or a geologist since > those are the hot fields now. . . . > Bottom line: find something you want to do. If > you can’t find that, then find the next thing you > can tolerate that pays well. If you can’t find > that, then become a teacher and enjoy summers off. My point wasn’t to avoid careers that are competitive or seek ones that are currently in vogue. My point was that there are very few fields where all you have to do is get a credential and wait for the job to show up in your lap, and certainly neither law nor finance are in this category. I do agree with your conclusion though. Taking initiative is a lot easier if you can identify a field you’re passionate about, and bonus if it also happens to pay well.

Someone mentioned how brutal the Montreal job market is for finance atm. Does anyone have any insight on the Toronto market? I"m currently working a middle-office job there and let me say prospects are nowhere to make transitions.

Doesn’t Toronto have the most CFA charterholders per capita in the world?

I think if I do not get a job by next September, I should go back to school. I’m even going to apply for a commission-only junior trading position. I’ll also keep nagging these financial boutiques for an internship - every two months. Hey, if I can’t find anything by next September, I may as WELL go back to school cuz that would be a sign that finance 'aint for me.

I don’t know why you are all so down on Montreal. My friend just got a risk management gig there after sitting almost one year out of job in Toronto.