MBA from Insead, LBS, IMD

Hello, Has any one been to MBA program of Insead, London Business School or IMD Lausanne ? What would be the Gmat score that would be suffecient to “fight for” school’s scholarship ? I fully understand that Gmat is one of the many factors that count, but stilll I am more worried about it. I would appreciate if some can respond. Regards, YoursTruly

check their websites

yea the websites usually say what the typical student’s profile is, gmat score, age…

Surely their websites would be the first place to look.

Definitely the website…

http://t i n y u r l dot com /lfjy5w

IMD doesn’t have it on their website, at least that I could find. I filled out a questionnaire really briefly hoping that the “typical student profile” would be at the end. It wasn’t. I got back an email a few days later saying I was basically too old for the program. I have eight years of management experience at a multinational in North America. They’re looking for people with multiple years of experience at large companies who are “moving up fast.” No comments on the two line answers I put for some of the questions though. It’s ranked one of the best MBAs in the world, so assume they’re looking for people below 30, high GMAT and the standard B+ (min) the last two years of school. The competition will be high, so assume the requirements are higher than what I just stated.

682 Just kiddin, check their websites.