MBA IB Internship in Vancouver

I am currently doing my FT MBA specializing in Finance while studying for the CFA Level 2. As part of the FT MBA have to get a 3 month summer internship, i am trying to get one in either IB or portfolio management in Vancouver. I know that most of the opportunities in these fields are in Toronto and I am considering moving once I am done with the program, however, I would not move just for the 3 summer months (wife working here). I have found some IB and portfolio management firms in Vancouver, however, they are too small to consider interns, usually they are run by a handful of partners, a couple of secretaries and that’s it. I would appreciate any information that could help me to target the right company. As well, my second option is to get an internship in commercial banking and after I am done with the program to move in order to start with my IB career. Any insight of how useful-useless can experience in commercial banking be for getting into IB? Thanks

commercial banking - essentially useless for your career aspirations if you can get an internship in IB or portfolio management, do it…assuming the place is at least somewhat reputable and you get some high-level exposure to transactions, you will be in a much better position for full-time recruiting if you have an IB or PM internship.