MBA Interview

What are you some questions to expect? For a top 10 school

have you seen a shift in 1) the types of students applying? (more finance) 2) have the cheese moved on the places the kids are getting hired to? has a section on that. My advise: 1) Be ready to tell your story. Your goals, why MBA is the right step for you (how it’s going to help you achieve your goals, etc), why you are applying to the particular school, etc. 2) Make sure you are applying to the right school and get to know the interviewer. Ask question to make sure your MBA there is not going to be a waste of time. If an alumnus interviews you, ask him/her about his/her experience, favorite classes, etc and how MBA from the school helped that particular person professionally.

It’s like a chess match. Try to confuse your opponent. When they say “Why do an MBA?” turn the tables and say "Well, you work here, so you tell me.” Trust me, this will differentiate you from the pack. Also, cross-dress if you are a white or asian male since demographically your chances will be far better. Cross-dressers, particularly those with conviction to wear drag to the interview, are rarer than almost any applicant.

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