MBA Question

I was speaking to a friend last night about my MBA intention next fall. A caveat he brought forward was that where you attend business school is where you should desire to work unless the school an IVY league stature. I know this is very true for Law Schools with state bar exam, however, is it true for business school? Is it a problem to venture to the coast and then return to work in the midwest? Please Advise.

I think to a large extent this is true. If you arent going to something that gets you in nationally, go somewhere that would be good for the region you want to work/live in. Ivy league will be recognized everywhere, but a lot of the other schools will have much better appeal within their region. I dont think it means you cant do it, just that it works much more in your favor to go to something with at least regional strength.

KJH your friend is making an extremely valid point. And I would go even as far and say it doesn’t even matter if the school is ivy league, most graduates end up taking a job in the region. One good way to test this point is to go to any b-school’s website and they list geographically where most of their recent graduates ended and even in what field. It should give you an idea of where graduates of that school end up geographically.

Here’s the breakdown of 2008 Texas grads. Southwest 98,799$ 49% Northeast 101,041$ 15% West 102,444$ 11% Midwest 92,885$ 7% South 93,773$ 6% Mid-Atlantic 103,400$ 3% Outside the U.S. 91,144$ 8%

^ Agreed. Check out the websites of the schools you are interested in and they will tell you what companies recruit there and who has hired recent grads.