MBA: Stern (PT) Vs. Georgetown

I know the PT Program reputation of stern is not up there with the FT program but nevertheless the education i thing is kinda similar. Applying to the following programs, what is your reco on which i should attend if admitted? - Stern (PT) - Georgetown - Fordham My background is 5 years of real estate/PE exp for bank and then small PE firm, high undergrad GPA from public school & good GMAT.

Apply to more schools, and wait to ask the question once your receive all reply letters. Isn’t it a bit late to be applying?

Stern may have more of a pipeline to the Street than the others. What’s the cost though? That would tell me whether the pipeline is worth the extra money. Law of diminishing returns…

You should do Stern or Georgetown. Stern = If you want to stay in the NYC area. Georgetown = If you want to do something in the DC area. I think Stern is a better, but if you want to work in the DC area, the amount of alums around in good positions can probably pull you up the ladder faster. You should apply to Columbia as well.

stern is good. Prof Damodaran will teach you Finance and he is one of the best out there!

Are you comparing Stern PT to GT Full Time? Depends on what you want to do post-MBA. If you plan on remaining in the same job and location, Stern PT is better than the other two. However, if you’re looking to switch career or industry, go with a FT program even if it’s at GT.