MBA versus Masters of Science in Finance (MSF)

If everyone could please respond with either choice 1 or choice 2 I would very much appreciate. Trying to gather a democratic response. Studying for Level I currenlty. If I don’t pass, I’m going all out and completing my masters and then going back in for the kill. The CFA charterholder’s I work with had their master’s when they started the whole CFA adventure. So, in my opinion, I think having a master’s will certainly help. Option 1: Pursue my MBA at Grand Valley State University (about a mile away from where I work and live). My only turnoff about the MBA is the marketing, management, etc. required courses one has to take. Pointless to me. Option 2: Pursue my MSF (Master’s of Science in Finance) at University of Michigan-Dearborn entirely through on-line courses and maybe some on-campus classes, but will make for a heck of a commute. Dearborn is 2 hours away from where I live. So, an online degree is no different than if one were to earn it by attending classes. The MSF paralles much of the CFA body of knowledge. This may be more beneficial in preparing for the CFA. - These are the classes in the MSF