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In my opinion the Essay questions make this level the hardest. Each to their own I suppose. So I have one question, in which sections do essay q’s show up? I’ve been through Scheweser and CFAI EOC Q’s and they seem to be pretty mixed. I am saving past papers for the last two weeks. Other than the IPS q’s what other parts are essay based?

2 weeks 2 late

morning questions 9~12 essay questions

afternoon all MC

in your opinion maybe but either way do you really think comments like that help at this stage?? I’ve been doing questions exhaustively for the last month so want to review the material one last time before attempting past papers. I think it’s a good strategy. Also last two weeks I have off work so will be pretty intense studying.

What topics are the essary q’s generally? Other than IPS?

What topics are the essary q’s generally? Other than IPS?

Mambovipi - I’m in a similar boat. Am doing EOC questions now and next week - still got to read ethics! Will do my first exam a week on Saturday and then in the two weeks off prior to the exam, just hit it hard. There are others in a similar situation! Just keep on ploughing through…

Can only speak for the few mock exams that I have taken so far… They have included a variety of topics in the essay section (Indiv & ins’l IPS, econ, asset allocation, fixed, equity, risk and performance). Dont know if that is of any help. Another poster mentioned that ethics are not tested in the essay portion. I’m quite confident that we can count on at least one or both of the private client and inst’l IPS questions.

hopefully no gips in am

that’s useful - thanks.