McCain brain cancer


If just a few things were different, we could have ended up with President Palin…

The McCain/Palin ticket was in 2008 - even if they had won that election and re-election they’d be out of the WH by now.

Another hit from Killary/Deep State?? Why oh why would they take out one of their own? I can’t wait to hear from Turd’s “sources”!!!

I mean, they could have won and McCain could have gotten cancer earlier. Weirder Presidents have happened.

Palin could have run in 2016 as a sitting, 2-term VP.

McCain and killary have the same boss. What we’re seeing is like a mafia movie where the underlings get killed off to protect the family. Same will happen to the Clinton eventually. Mark it down.

McCain, like John Glen is an American hero. Sad news.

McCain is 80 years old. Average life expectancy for white, American males is only about 77.

^ You mean Clinton will eventually die?! Wow what incredible insight.

Her emails will never die.

True. At first I thought to myself what a horrible diagnosis to receive, but is it really all that out of left field when you’re 80 years old? In some way it’s like a blessing to McCain (and his family, friends, etc.) – he’s reminded of his mortality and been given an advance notice of his time left. That’s a courtesy I think many people don’t get when they reach that age.

Fuck cancer.

This particular type is really bad too. Only a 4% chance of a person older than 55 living another 5 years with this type.

Yea, glioblastomas and pancreatic tumors are devastating.

He is. My dad went to Navy Flight school with McCain.

Given the stress/trauma he endured during his capture I think he aged well. His faculties were functioning great until now, the only thing I disliked about him was that he frequents MEK/MOK meeting (an Anti Iranian Government group) who are despised by 99.9 percent of people in Iran regardless of their political standpoint, not the best way to reach an arm out to moderates who are trying to overthrow the dictatorship.

Yo, this is the stupidest s#it I’ve read in quite some time.

You guys should read up about how McCain dropped bomb on his own carrier’s deck and killed like 30 people (no investigation because his dad was super connected in the military and he got moved right away so there was no investigation into his involvement) and how he was taking bribe like nobody’s business back in the day. This guy is as crooked as they come… don’t believe what you read in the papers.

That being said, don’t wish ill on anybody, smoke some weed John!

No investigation huh? What’s this then?

Is there a source, or is this CW stuff? I did hear he crashed like 4 times though from my Dad when they served together.