McCain Dead

One of the truly bad hombres of the last half century is dead. Evil has no place in this timeline.

RIP My Dad used to hang out with him in flight school in the Navy. They were in the same class.

Q got to him…

I like people who didn’t die, okay?

Oh, you’re a Zombie fan or something. Cute.

Wait, what do you mean by “this timeline”? Is there an alternate timeline where evil won?

yes every possibility exists but the conscious experience of existence is determined by what the collective consciousness decides to create. That is how ‘reality’ is created by the mind.

Its possible to ‘look in’ on alternate future timelines. This is a technology that’s been around for a while - Google looking glass technology. Elements in govt are constantly working on bringing certain timelines to fruition by manipulating the collective consciousness.

Chances are you have experienced looking in on an alternate timeline while asleep. It wasn’t just a dream, you were putting your consciousness into an alternate state of reality.

Its also true that different aspects of your soul are living different realities (or as different people in the same reality). It’s like being an electron. It exists in a field of potentiality. It is not one point in that field at any given moment but every point. As consciousness expands above the illusion of 3D separation, one will have a conscious experience of all of this simultaneously and can move in and out of these at will.

Word is that No Name was actually executed for crimes against humanity.

why the hate for him?

^ because he doesnt lick DJT boots to the extent that turd and other trumpkins do. even though his voting record for trump policies is strong, he doesnt swoon & praise trump (which trumps fragile ego demands)

when he voted trumpcare down!

R.I.P we just killed the clubTook Patrón to the head, almost killed a thug I’m so high I can’t feel the drugs Too many haters sitting here I don’t feel the love R.I.P, R.I.P R.I.P, R.I.P

This. He basically derailed the Reps ability to repeal Obamacare. This was 9 days after his brain cancer diagnosis.

to be honest while we have a budget deficit, i am not a fan of medicare or social security for all. its for the old, poor, and unhealthy and a luxury we cannot afford until we hit a surplus!

this guy’s nutty but I like him. once he gets past the idea that everything boils down to race, he’ll start to understand the rightful target of his disdain.

His creepy uncle?

How is it that I can tell that someone is Indian just by that one comment? I think you develop this power after getting enough AF XP points.

And eventually you would have enough to buy the Blue Ring! Then your damage would be halved!!!

Image result for jack posobiec and just like that the entire media suddenly decided

McCain was a huge racist when he was a presidential candidate. Must have been reformed and forgiven. And people still watch/read the news. Sad marks.

^ Ditto heard he put pineapple on his pizza.