McCaulay's practice exams

Are these books worth getting? Anyone with prior positive experience on these books?

Have never heard of them

beatthecfa Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Have never heard of them Me neither, and I think it would be safe to say that most people haven’t. Do you have an amazon link or something so we can take a look? Yup. hope this gives enough information. I’m guessing its fairly new since there are 0 reviews in almost all the volumes

Took a look at the page, thanks for posting the link. Five volumes, with eight 120-question exams each sounds great, but given the fact that they’ve been published in aug 2009 and have no reviews yet, and more than that, the author has also written a book called “Medical Massage Care’s FSMTB Massage & Bodywork Licensing Examination MBLEx Practice Exams” I don’t know what to say, honestly… Maybe it wouldn’t be such a good idea to go off the beaten track for CFA exams prep. These are links to all his books… “Peruvian cuisine” included. Just the fact that his name is associated with all this junk is kind of strange to me… I did not understand if he wrote everything himself or not, but this is really really bizarre imo. Run, Forest, run :smiley: