MCD/drugs/compensation/interview process

So I’m sitting in the play area at a McDonalds right now, keeping an eye on my kid, eating a square piece of fish, doing research to write a one page report for the company I’m interviewing with, and researching the living costs in San Fran. Hiring manager wants my salary requirements with my report. If that isn’t funny enough, a group of 7-8 super young high school kids role in (literally). They start rolling face (peeking on MDMA) inside the McDonalds play area. I imagine that most of the other customers think they’re just goofing around, but I’ve been around enough rolling kids to know. A week’s worth of AF threads all in one visit to McD.



Did you score any MDMA?

whats mdma ?

No, but the nastalgia was killing me.

Google it.