McDonald's Breakfast

I am a huge fan of McDonald’s breakfast although I don’t eat it very often.

Just had an egg mcmuffin, a hashbrown, and a small OJ. $6.60

I remember when this sh*t was $3.99 + tax. They also use to do promos on the East coast where it was buy one, get one free egg mcmuffin or the greatest breakfast sandwhich of all time, the bacon egg and cheese biscuit.

When did this sh*t get this expensive? Clearly it was not worth $6.60. I am still hungry. I could get a freshly baked bagel sandwhich in San Francisco by my office for less than that.


I eat Hardee’s breakfast. Bacon egg and cheese croissant.

For fast food breakfast, I’ll prefer Whataburger. You probably don’t have them in San Francisco or New York.

Give me a sausage, egg and cheese on croissant Wawa Sizzli any day of the week. Nothing tops a good diner-prepared pork roll, egg and cheese though.

Effin tell me about it! I remember each extra value meal at MCD was 2.99 + tax. Now a #1 is pushing $7! May as well go to flippin Applebees at that price.

Blake, being from Cali, I thought you’d be aware of the state’s vice against MCD. Check out what SF is doing.

On Thursday, San Francisco’s controversial Healthy Food Incentive Ordinance takes effect, banning toy giveaways with children’s meals at fast-food restaurants unless the meal meets San Francisco’s strict nutritional standards. And McDonald’s has already figured out a way to sidestep the ban almost entirely.

The ban targets Happy Meal-style toys, claiming that the inclusion of an incentive item unfairly targets marketing at children who are unable to make healthy decisions for themselves. Though it was slammed by critics who claimed the ban enforced “nanny state” politics, the ordinance was easily passed by the Board of Supervisors in an 8-3 vote. Supervisor Eric Mar, who has a young daughter, introduced the ban, arguing that the “pester power” of a young child seduced by the toys can be enough to persuade parents to buy the unhealthy meals.

But instead of changing the content of Happy Meals or eliminating the toys, McDonald’s is complying by charging a meager ten cents for the addition of a toy – with the proceeds benefitting the Ronald McDonald House Charity. Well played.

MCGRIDDLES up in this muthufuka!!!

I don’t think California in general has anything against McDonalds. It’s just San Francisco that is doing this happy meal thing. I doubt that the ban has any effect on children’s health. It’s more like a bunch of uppity supervisors imposing their ideology on local businesses.

There is another law that requires restaurant chains with X number of franchises to display calorie counts next to the items on their menu. I think this law has more potential to affect peoples’ food decisions. This might be a county level thing though - I’ve noticed that some cities enforce this and others don’t. Anyway, I would support a measure like this if it wasn’t so business-unfriendly by penalizing restaurants based on size.

When Mcdonald’s breakfast was in its prime, we had the ‘Big Breakfast’. I remember sitting in an MCD with my father, and we were eating big breakfasts, and then a bunch of punks got into a fight a couple ‘plastic boothes away’ from us, and cinderblock came hurling at the ground. I was about 7 years old I think. My dad said, don’t say anything, just enjoy your meal.

I still remember the cardboard silver plated ash trays at those mcdonalds. There was no separate smoking section, and we’d sometimes pour the pepper and salt shaker into the ash trays.

And I actually remember the song that was playing over the speakers, it was ‘Hearts of Fire’ by Earth Wind and Fire. I’m going to listen to it now I guess… those horns, those trumpets… timeless