McGoddess or nah?

I wish all our service employees put that kind of effort into the work.

I am actually more intrigued by this other headline on the first website:

New York Jurors Will See the Klansman’s Death-Ray Made to Kill Muslims and Obama



Is she really that much better looking than the other girl in the video? They both look delicious in the outfits.

Not even close for me. But I hate a lot of makeup and those uniforms.

Meh. Her face is kinda cute, but give me Janet Garcia or Rita Matos any day.

This reminded me of the link below which showed up in my facebook feed a few days back and is mildly interesting. It’s a weird look, and I didn’t think any of the photos were exceptionally attractive, but I was surprised at what they did to make the model appeal to the Chinese market… it looks a bit like Ms. McWaif here

Somebody feed her!

Nah hes slightly above average.

i saw that too. i call BS, aint no one wansts a fatty, unles youre CVM, amiright

Though overweight is not my first choice, I do prefer “a little too much” over “much too little”.

^ Respect.

I get the hair style and the outfit but how is she different from other asian girls?

thin with curves is by far the winner in North America. it’s thin everywhere. we just like a little cushion.

which is basically impossible

Well sure, with that attitude.

No attitude here. I am happy with how I am built.

All I am saying some men have unrealistic expectations of women’s bodies. Thin with curves are very very rare. Why make it a standard of beauty?

I guess because many people want what they can’t have. At first they think they can’t have it because they haven’t acquired enough (money, respect, fame, whatever). Then they get to the point where they can’t have it because it doesn’t exist. And then they discover things like surgical enhancement.

Anyway, I think the real question is whether you’re choosing someone to please yourself or to please imagined onlookers. Once you realize that the only person that has to be happy is yourself (and hopefully your partner too, but people differ on that part), then the need to chase exagerated beauty standards is reduced and your likelihood of making a good choice overall goes way up.

Certainly not the standard. Thin with curves gets you up to the 9/10 category regardless of face (within reason). I have my own biases, but I think a more realistic version is a curvier gal with a little extra meat on her bones. If you (men, not you kr {though I still think you may dig chicks just a little}) value thin women over curves, you know what you’re sacrificing.