What is the best and worst McJob you have ever had? As I throwing back some wings today, I noticed how much fun the waitstaff seemed to have. This looked like a good McJob. The guy ringing up gasoline at a gas station looks bored to death. I can’t imagine that job was any fun. Share your stories.

my god. hmph. i worked for one day at a dairy queen. food service just isn’t for me. i also used to hold up banners for dominos pizza. good god did i have some pathetic jobs.

I used to work at Guess? I remember I would try and convince the customers that I was also the model on the wall. This is the same model that was on the wall at the Guess I worked at, pretty close match… I didnt have any fun and I ended up having to buy a lot of their clothes since all of my clothes have a horse on them. What made it worth while? I got with what has to be one of the hottest girls i’ve ever slain.

I used to work at a pizza joint for a while. Most of the time I used to just hang out the back of the building smoking with the kitchen staff, so invariably my customers would order, eat and leave without paying, leaving your’s truly to pick up the tab. Most nights I used to leave work with less cash than I arrived with (including my wages). man I was a crap waiter

Started as a food runner in a nice steakhouse and became a waiter after a couple of months. It was a really fun job to have. I could have had a lot more fun if I could spend the money I make there like most of the staff after work on drinks… I had to pay for my tuition… But waiters in general are funny people… But the worse job was working at Cinnabon for 2 months… now that was bad… having to smell what you bake all day isn’t fun a bit.

Pizza delivery ftw

Best McJob: Ref at a paintball field. Yes, you get shot at, but it doesn’t hurt much [your skin becomes like rhino hide after a week or two] and I got to play at cost, which is a big deal when you’re in high school and don’t have a lot of money. Pay was pretty good, but also cash-in-hand at day’s end and the coworkers were awesome. Worst McJob: Working at a “call center” for a “small business owner”. Those terms are in quotes because they are euphemisms, respectively, for “rented spare office in a dentists office” and “complete scumbag”. I left it after a month.

Worked at a Tanning Salon for the evening shift during school. Time to do homework and the fringe benefits werent that bad. I would say it accounts for 40% of my points.

oh man, i’m totally forgetting about my internship i had with a PWM at merrill lynch. zero pay and i had to cold call to get people to show up to a breakfast. that really turned me off to pwm. in retrospect, you have to start somewhere