mckinsey vs damodran1 vs damodran2

alright we already have a similar thread but i didnt get what i was looking for so starting a new thread.

1)which one to read first-investment valuation by damodran, damodran on valuations, on valuation by mckinsey. as per the reviews mckinsey provides a practical approach whereas damodran is more academic.

my background is cleared cfa l2 and read the intelligent investor and currently doing financial modelling by benninga.

2)whats the difference between the two?? one of them being is sold at 10 times the other"s price??

thank u


which book by damodran?? and can u answer my second question too?

any1 please…i have to order the book asap

I don’t really know the difference between damodaran 1 and damodaran 2, but I do know that Damodaran’s Investment Valuation is kind of a classic and I keep going back to it when I feel the need. However, much of CFA L2’s equity valuation was basically ripped from it (at least when I took it), so maybe it will seem familiar to it. The guts of the book are very well developed.

My understanding is that McKinsey’s version is good too, and focuses a little more on the practical aspects of how you fill out the spreadsheet and (more interestingly) how you stretch your assumptions to see what the effect on valuation is. I have a feeling that Damodaran on valuation (Damodaran 2, as you call it) is intended to add that aspect (assumption stretching) to Damodaran’s more traditional approach, which has talk about stretching assumptions, but doesn’t get into it deeply.

thanks…that was an excellent review…so what would be ur final take? should i go with mckinsey then?

Doraemon doraemon?

If you can’t decide, then my guess is to go for McKinsey.