McLeod81,964032 Your friend is back :wink:

bump The rest of you feel free to critique McLeod’s friend on his study schedule. It could be a therapeutic study break advising a young cubbie.

after having started since Jan … I am actually taking 2.5 weeks off to study or this test I feel stupid!!!

Nah, you just have a grip on reality

Swan, aren’t you the f2d on the L3 forum :slight_smile:

Swan is going to get L3 this year and his victory will echo around AF for years to come.

If I were to bet, I would be short on me passing. I love the idea of me passing, but I love my money even more.

Wow, good call man. I was just thinking about that dude the other day. I figured that it might be time for him to enlighten the L2 board with his magnificence.

wow. i hope he’s made up. he’s reaching new d-bag heights.