mcpass, I noticed you were doing low 70’s on book 6 practice exams a couple of weeks before the exam in June and ended up passing. How did you spend those last two weeks before the exam, how much time did you put in? Did you do review mostly or what? Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated… thanks.

i’d also like to know your routine… anything to help…anything…at all… =)

I’m honoured :slight_smile: Anyway, I still think that scoring mid-60s in Schweser book 6 gives you a fair shot of passing. Scoring low 70s isn’t too bad and you should be feeling quite comfortable. I put in four full days in the last week and some hours here and there the week before. This forum was pretty much my relaxing time as I could discuss my frustration and some difficult questions here which is quite motivating. My main strategy was doing book 6 and use the online scoring system to thoroughly investigate what sections I was lacking. I read the Schweser notes of that section and then looked at the LOS and see if I could give an explanation about the complete LOS. Did that over and over again… good thing was that my scores in that section were improving dramatically. I went from 60% in FSA at first to 80%+. I must admit that I didn’t spend too much time on Economics as I found there were too few questions on the exam to justify the extra effort on that section with only a few days left to study. I focussed on other areas. On Thursday and Friday I asked on this forum what the most difficult CFAI online exams were and wrote them. Friday night I couldn’t resist reading Ethics again and on Saturday I knew I had killed the beast and was very comfortable waiting for the result. You’ll be fine! In hindsight I made a bigger deal of the exam than it turned out to be so I passed easily. So anyone who takes it seriously and puts in the time, I’m convinced will pass. Looking forward to seeing you on the L2 forum for June 2008 where we will try and pass together!

nice write-up, thanks =) looks like theres my plan for the next 14 days =)