MCQ vs Essays

Hi there, Done with first reading and eoc questions, reviewing quickly and then I want to hit a sample exam on Sat 26 march. It might be a little early but i remember I never found time to practise as many sample exams as already planned for level1&2 and FRM … so let’s get started! Yet still a doubt: I sense MCQ portion is easier and might be a good first step into mock exams. So I think of taking 2/3 mcq exams untils I get satisfying results begore tackling essay questions. What’s your feeling about that, how do you think you’ll do? Greg

It’s not too early to start mocks. The format is one of the more difficult aspects of the exam. That being said, why do the 2/3 split? Why not dive right into the essay questions? Who cares if you get 25%? You have tons of time to learn from the mistakes. I have one planned for the weekend… and it might get messy!