I don’t remember from my Level 1 exam but is it possible to go back to previous Qs? Or answers will be submitted once you move on to the next? The same applies to the essays?

You can mark questions on the multiple choice and then go back to them before you submit the exam. Once the session ends, you can’t go back and will have to move to the essay section. I would think you can go back and forth on the essay until the time runs out or you submit it. But I have not taken L2 before but pretty sure you can move within questions inside the same session.

You can move freely between questions in each session. The interface of the exam was great! Too bad i don’t have the same feelings for the questions…

The exam was an exercise in character building…

how do you mean? were the questions unusual or unclearly formulated?

I say this not to scare you, but because i thought the exam wasn’t fair…Bring your Rosetta Stone to the testing center. That’s the only way to figure out some of the questions. Challenging…

@coolio. Both and more.

This happened to me in September. I felt completely prepared and confident and the questions came out of left field, were incorrect / not enough info, or effectively tested my reading comprehension rather than my knowledge of the material. Now I am retaking the test (tomorrow) and freaking out seeing that this is going to be the case again. For the amount of effort we put into this exam, I think it is really unacceptable. I cant wait for this to be over.

Hmm… I am also taking the exam tomorrow… sounds funky. Well, at the end around 60% in a way or in another will pass, you have to be better than than 40-45% of the others. What is surprising me is that even the CAIA samples inluding the exercises in the official books are not matching.

70% is probably a definite pass. With a likely curve, I’m thinking that 65% might be more realistic. But i do I hope you’re right about the 60%, Coolio.

I am still shocked, there were at least 5-10 questions that were completely off. I wonder what they wanted to test with that…!

I take it that you agree the exam wasn’t fair, coolio? Have a drink, my friend. You deserve it. I had many drinks after my exam and i felt much better.

All right, let me start then :sunglasses: Seriously: I thought about claiming back my money, if they use such stupid gimmicks to filter out people. Just as a kind of interest alignment, hahaha…