MD sends me linkedin request

So, I work for a pension consulting firm, and I got a linkedin request, and an email from a manager wanted to be considered for a search. A) Has anyone experienced this before? B) The firm has legit good numbers, so should I be concerned they were going to this length to be considered?

How else do they come to you attention? Do you normally look at screens or something? Sounds highly unorthodox, maybe he feels you have overlooked him. Maybe he got given your name to contact. Could he have called you? Would that have been just as weird? I have had only randoms who befriend me on LI as well as a couple of recruiters. But then I would expect that and I dont mind adding them.

I guess it’s a bit weird, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it (unless his message was really creepy).

I mean there’s a service that gives people the minutes of the pension board meetings, and I spoke at the last one, so I guess he got my name via that. I mean this firm has crushed their benchmark by 10+% for the each of the past 5 years. I’m just nervous I might be getting into Madoff territory. With a product this good, they shouldn’t have to market.

You never know from where a good idea comes. Research this as you would any other opportunity. Where are you located? Maybe it was me or somebody on here…I have billions of linked in friends.

We have been actively pitched on subadvisory mandates a few times, but 95%+ of the time we would ask them to give us information. If someone did pitch me, I would have to do some due diligence, but I wouldn’t just ignore them completely.

Happens to me too. I either just pass it along or tell the person to go through the new manager review process via-the company website. Also depends on your company’s search policy. EDIT: MissCLEO, what company do you work for if you don’t mind me asking?

BiPolarBoyBoston, you work in Pension Consulting? If so what’s your email, the plot has thickened a good bit, and I’d like to share with someone in the field, maybe you’ve heard of the manager in question.

Miss Cleo, That just might be another sort of interest

i wouldn’t say it is the norm but it’s happened to me too (i work in manager research for an IC). it just wouldn’t hurt to make contacts. even if they are closed or already have lots of interest, they always want to make an impression to asset owners. if it really concerns you, you can meet him and ask why theyre marketing so hard

Email is my userid I have been doing more searches recently but only for certain asset classes.

Quite easy to see if it is another madoff now we all know what to look at! I checked out his record after the fact, quite something - amazed out quants didn’t pick up on the sheer unlikeliness of his returns.