Mean reversion of the state of mind

Last year, when I didn’t pass L2 I knew from the moment I finished the exam I probably would not have passed (actually, I had a conjecture after the AM). However, as weeks passed there were times I thought: ‘if I’m lucky I might have just passed it’. This year I was a bit more confident. Had a good feeling about both the AM and PM and dared saying afterwards to friends that I actually expect to have passed, although with CFA you never know. However as weeks (start to) pass my mind only focuses on the couple of questions I knów answered incorrectly. I have to remind myself I was confident after the exam and should somehow still be confident the coming 5 weeks. Anyone else know the feeling?

This was my first (and hopefully last) time taking level 2. I felt confident before and during both AM and PM sessions, up until I heard “stop writing.” However, since the test ended all I’ve been able to think about are the 5 or so questions that I know I got wrong and the few questions that I’m still not sure about. I think it’s completely natural to focus too much on what went wrong, especially when we have 2 months to sit around and wait. I’m just trying to put it out of my mind when I can.

Same boat, I don’t remember any of the questions I know I got right but the ones that I wasn’t sure about I could probably write down right now word for word. For the most part after two or three weeks go by I’ll stop thinking about it. The waiting is the worst part.

I’m going through the exact same exhausting thought process! I vividly recall the questions where I was comfortable with the topic but made a stupid mistake. Most of these screw ups were qualitative questions. Much of the exam was a blur immediately after writing it. I can remember the general nature of the topics but have very little recollection of the actual questions. As strange as it might seem I am interpreting this CFA level 2 ‘amnesia’ as a positive sign since I was only able to remember a handful of questions I struggled with. In response to the original post, I would say that your gut feeling immediately after writing the exam is the most trustworthy indication of how well you did. As time goes by, memories become less reliable accounts of the events that actually transpired. There’s a reason why people have a difficult time accurately describing traumatic events in a detailed manner. We’ve all heard it a million times but what’s done is done. Nothing can be achieved by worrying about it… easier said than done of course which is why I’ve been following the forum for therapeutic reasons.

I think the feeling comes mainly due to over thinking or perhaps not involving oneself in some other activity. Say for example, I am an equity analyst in India and what i did (post L1 in December and L2 this time) is that i kept my books aside in the storeroom where i cannot see it. Moreover, i indulged in certain activities (a foreign trip last time followed by initiation on a new company in post L1 and swimming this time around followed by the annual report readings that i normally do).

Call it good/bad luck but i came to know about this forum quite recently and witnessed a lot of anxiety in people about the results. Perhaps having done my post grad and worked for over 7 years, i think the feeling of uncertainty doesn’t come as i believe that whatever is done is done and nothing can change even if we think over it. Strongly believe that one need to utilize the the next one month on indulging in activities which gives a sense of relaxation.

On the contrary, i get into the over thinking mode post results (which is wrong too). I clearly remember i wasted couple of days figuring out why i didn’t get 70+% in all the subjects for L1 post the results.

i think you havent praised yourself enough yet ^

Yea… you can do the remaining bit :stuck_out_tongue:

But jokes apart, i do feel that any young fresher doing the CFA course is much better equipped to enter the equity research than myself. I find the dedication level of students (non working people) much higher than me. Moreover, the willingness to learn and lack of any bias (based on what a working finance person perceives that he knows) also helps them.

What i really like (based on forums/chats i have read) is the enthusiasm of the people. I, now, believe i belong to a larger community of people aspiring a “not-so-easy” position and slogging to make the cut yet helping each other through opinion and networking.

Same feeling I had. Post exam I was confident, then found 3 straight errors, and I had to take 2 blind guesses. But now I am stable,never I was fully confident about all the answers of the mocks. And I can still pin my hope on those scores which were passable enough. 1 month to go.

Same boat. But now, I feel I don’t care about the result as much as I did two weeks ago.

I think this is kind of normal to feel this way.

For some reason I forgot to count my unsure questions in the AM session, so I have no idea what my score might be, I cannot even speculate. This is what bothers me a bit, but otherwise like someone else said I was never (or seldom) 100% sure in my answers on the topic tests so it is totally fruitless to rack your brain and speculate on your potential result.

out of the 120 questions:

I KNOW I got 4 wrong. I went back to the books and looked. In addition to those 4, I made blind guesses on 15 questions. So lets assume I got 10 of those wrong. Thats already 14 wrong answers, and I can only “afford” another 28 or so in order to pass.