Measuring for GDP

"Q. For a given economy and a given period of time, GDP measures the:

  1. aggregate income earned by all households, all companies, and the government.
  2. total income earned by all of the country’s citizens, firms, and the government.
  3. total market value produced of resalable and final goods and services.

The most appropriate description of what is measured by GDP is given by:

  1. I only.
  2. I and II.
  3. I and III.

B is incorrect because GDP is the total income earned by all households and not country citizens."

I found this confusing because what exactly is the difference between a household and citizen? Won’t total income be the same?

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GDP includes the output of noncitizens living here, and excludes the output of citizens living elsewhere.

For GNP, it’s the other way round.