People wanna be smart, want “brainfoods”, ways to improve their memory (for CFA study)…

Well, the best answer to the question, is MEAT.

Why? It’s not difficult. Homo genus brains evolved on meat, and so a diet of meat is the optimal diet for brain function. It’s not like you are going to evolve a better brain during this lifetime because of meat eating (your brain is the result of prior generations of meat eating), however it’s still the optimal fuel for thinking, and optional building component for maintaining the physical brain.

It’s a double win, because 1) meat is good for thinking, and 2) as meat becomes the largest part of the diet, it crowds out grain-syrup, grain-oil, and other foods which impair thinking (eventually climaxing in extreme brain issues like Alzheimer’s, ADHD, stroke, depression, mental illness, etc).

Bottom line, for us analysts, meat is seriously great. heart

^ The PA diet, 90% meat, 10% veggie, 0% everything else.

I am a proud carnivore. I was so pi$$ed at a vegetarian once trying to give me moral lessons that I threatened to send him a video of me personally cutting off a chicken’s head.

I like meat, but I must admit that the things we do to billions upon billions of sentient creatures each year in factory farms to feed our meat cravings is a source of great shame that gets more disturbing to me the more I think about it.

If we could grow meat without requiring a conscious animal to do it, I would be a much happier carnivore. We may get there eventually.

That’s an interesting idea.

Personally, I don’t care, nature is brutal. Animals (which we are) kill other animals in the most gruesome ways imaginable (dissolving prey slowly with acid), that’s life and death on Earth.

For solutions, I prefer decreasing the human population, it’s way over the optimal number. There hasn’t been enough meat to go around for 10,000 years now. Sad for them (the humans, not the other animals), we rich people eat all the grass fed bison steaks…

so you’re saying high meat consumption decreases the likelihood of heart attack/stroke?


If science and farming have taught us anything thus far, it seems to be the case that when we modify a plant or animal in a certain way, it screws up something in the process that we don’t see initially (all the ramifications), but pay for it in the end.

That’s a fact, since it crowds out the foods which do cause those, while being a food that protects against those.

Finally you say something correct. The reason is evolution, which is why meat is the answer. Think harder.

The Eskimos eat only meat and their life expectancy is 40 years and they are only as smart as a polar bear.

Nope, this thread is just going to turn into uninformed people making false statements. Next some fool will say something about “cave man life expectancy”. Meanwhile you’ll all die of metabolic syndrome diseases and I’ll rule the world.

Is it clear that in the hunter gatherer stage we ate mostly meat? Modern hunter gatherers eat some level of carbs, plus killing and eating a woolly mammoth with spears is naturally different than going to Five Guys and eating a bacon cheeseburger (the way most Westerners would get a lot of meat).

Everybody should read 10,000 year Explosion by Cochran and Harpending - they argue populations that took up farming later are less suited to eating carbs like Indigenous peoples in the Americas and blacks.

bchad probably knows this but they’re experimenting with tissue engineering to grow meat in the lab. It’s much more efficient than growing an animal whole, plus meat consumption is really bad for the environment and burns up a lot of resources. (That and you’re not carrying out a Holocaust every hour on poor, innocent, defenseless animals).

What does this mean? People who ate meat and later kale have issues with it? Maybe I should just read the book.

survival of the fittest

It’s conclusive, at least for those who migrated North out of Africa 40K years ago, the mean diet was around 70% animal foods (direct bone analysis, modern hunter/gatherer mean of 200+ tribes, cavities, and other data points all point to the same thing). The other obvious way to know what they ate, is that when we don’t eat what we assume they did eat, we get metabolic syndrome…while meat and veggies is precisely what moves all metabolic markets in the right direction.

Exactly. Burgers, pizza, hotdogs and other American foods are not meat. That’s white gains, with grain sugar and grain oil, and a small amount of questionable meat. Only a slab of raw meat from a healthy animal, cooked yourself, without sugar-sauce and grain-covering, is meat.

I didn’t read the book. But there is only one rule; the longer your ancestors ate it, the more you are adapted to it. Yeah, there are some slight differences between our existing tribes, maybe blacks are worse at dairy cause they adopted it later or maybe not, but the most important thing is the prior 3 million years, not 3000. This applies to the overall homo sapien population (listed in the order they became staple foods):

1 Plants = yes

2 Meat = yes

3 Grains = meh

4 Dairy = meh

5 Derivatives of grains/dairy* = NO

The modern American diet is 70% categories 3-5, and 40% deadly category 5, only 16% meat.

* Grains made into oil, grains made into sugar, grains made into “cheese”, skim milk, etc.

I wonder what my life expectancy would be if I ate one of these every day:

While meat is important, it isn’t a one size fits all dieting approach.

Carbs - of high quality and in moderation - are important for energy production during intense work and muscle recovery afterward.

I suppose that’s why a 90% meat, 10% vegetation diet works for PA.

Ruling a world where everyone else is dead isn’t much of an accomplishment.

King Nothing, one might say.

more groundbreaking original work from PA? Hey, any thoughts on what color the sky is? I’d love to hear your analysis.

My ancestors were cool with dairy so I’ll continue to eat it ocassionally…

What’s with the hate on grains? Grains are perfectly normal food group to eat and have been consumed for over 100,000 years.

Normal because it is now done, but not natural. You added a zero, grains have been staple foods for 10k years and their adoption coincided with a massive hit to health, height, brain size, cavities, etc. Grains are NOT a primate food, “we” (the primates) haven’t been eating them for the last 40 million years. Transforming them into grain oil and grain syrup has been the kiss of death (35% of American calories are grain-oil + grain-syrup soup).

Grains were one of those “technological advancements” that should have never happened, a very bad idea. Also a bad idea to feed them to you dog (who wants meat) and your cow (who wants grass). Evolution kids, it’s real.