Mechanical pencil debate

I want to use a mechanical pencil for the exam , but I have fallen victim to the horror stories of some lead types not being able to be scanned properly. The lead I have says it is guaranteed to scan like the 2B pencil, but I am still a little paranoid here.

who else is using one that can help alleviate my paranoia lol

I am planning to use mechanical pencil… it says . on the box, it says HB #2 which is what they recommand… so not worrying too much…

Unless someone breaks my confidence.

I’m using mechanical. One piece of advice is to check them before you go into the test. I bought a pack last year that had some duds - ie the led kept sliding out when I clicked them. Luckily it was just a few but it really stressed me out.

just get 2B leads.

In college we used to use scantron sheets a lot. We were supposed to use 2HB or something. A professor of mine said he tested the machine with all differend kinds of pencils, pens, markers, partially filled in bubbles, extra marks, ect. According to him the machine read them all as it should have without any issues.

I’m not sure about the machines CFAI uses but in the 21st century I think they would have it setup pretty well. If you fail with below 50% on everything just get it scored manually.

And if there was an issue horror stories would be circling the forums about people failing because of bunk graphite.