Medical Marijuana

Anyone investing in or around this industry? Although I’ve never smoked, I think it’s an exciting industry and I’m evaluating ways to get exposure to it. Just curious if anyone else is doing the same.

Interesting article:

The public is trending toward legalization. In a Pew Research Center poll released Thursday, a majority of Americans (52%) favored legalization, the first time that threshold has been reached since polling on the issue began in 1969.

What’s striking is how conventional many of the business people’s backgrounds — and their plans — increasingly are. Instead of backing marijuana dispensaries, investors such as Privateer and San Francisco-based ArcView Group are rushing to find consulting firms, software companies and insurance agencies to serve the new market. Even Privateer’s strategy of merging small companies to form a big one is familiar: In traditional buyout shops, it’s called a “roll-up.”

It’s hard to say exactly how many people are trying to make pot a business like any other. About 2,000 legal dispensaries are open around the United States, estimates Kris Krane, managing director of Phoenix-based consulting firm 4Front Advisors. Privateer and Dayton’s group are the biggest publicly announced clusters of investors. There are even a handful of public companies: The most valuable, San Diego-based Medical Marijuana, is worth about $200 million.

It’s a thriving biz. i hear in states that have already legalized it for a while have been booming.

I forget the ticker but there is a publically traded company that deals (pardon the pun) in the industry. We discussed it on here after Colorado and Washington legalized it.

A friend of mine owns a medical pot shop in Colorado. There’s not as much money in it as you may think. There’s so much red tape by the time he complies with everything there’s very little profit left over. But, he’s confident he positioned well for the future so he’s sticking with it. It’ll be interesting to see what happens to his business when Colorado allows retail shops to open up next year. Not good for the medical dispensaries methinks.

Anyway, the trend is set. Pot will be legal within 10-15 years.

Let’s hope it’s sooner and let’s get that tax revenue rolling in. Time for the pot heads to subsidize me for a while.

I traded CBIS in my pa in 11’/12’ but haven’t had interest in it this year.

While we are at it, lets legalise the oldest profession.

@STL, Yea, the tax rates are absurd on the sellers. It’s from provisions in the tax code to deal with drug dealers when caught. But that’s part of my interest – I’d like to potentially invest before those tax code things are fixed, increasing the profitability. I’m not worried about current earnings as much growth potential. Finding a firm adequately priced and poised to take off. I found a list of publicly traded companies in the arena. i’m starting to read the 10-Ks inbetween studying for L2 (kill me now).

Throw out some tickers. I’d be interested in checking them out too.

person in the industry here,

I think by the end of it-- with, as was mentioned, red tape-- and the intense competition, there isn’t as much profit as one would think. I think theres money in shops, but not as much. That gold rush is over for medical shops in most areas out west.

The legalization is opening a whole new ballgame though. This will be interesting.

In general, I think you’re better off selling pickaxes to the 49ers, or in this case, you’re better investing in say a grow light company or fertilizer company used to grow, rather than opening up a “dispensary” or starting a grow operation.

That being said, I dont care.

My Plan: Be the dogfish head of marijuana, once legalized.

EDIT: another interesting thing is some states are implementing requirements to sell pot ABOVE black market prices-- which are obviously arbitraged the **** out to begin with. The reasoning being, that no medical patients can resell it illegally. Sucks for “patients”, sweet for others. - tickers about: GWPH, includes: CBIS.OB, HEMP.PK, MDBX.PK, MJNA.PK, PHOT.OB.

I say let people grow their own. It’s a weed, it will sprout. Destroy the profits.

“You in here for some marijuana? Marijuana!?!? This is some bullsh!t! Boo this man! Booooooo!”

Does anyone know of a free way to search Edgar’s 10-Ks? I see Morningstar has a service, but surely I should be able to query all available 10-k’s for “Cannibus” and see who has exposure/plans/mention of it without paying. Any insight? I plan on doing the free trial for Morningstar if I can’t – I have access to Morningstar via work, but it seems to be a seperate service I don’t have access to.

Try Free Edgar.

And FWIW, I, unlike certain POTUS’s or OP’s, did inhale. I don’t anymore just because it’s illegal. But if it were legal I would.

I think liquor would be my first step before trying marijuana. Never been tipsy, either lol

Guys thanks for the tips on websites

What the hell do you do with your free time?

Are you like 15?