Meet my new squeeze

Just going to blast off with pics of the new pup. Just one time.


Awwwww, kyoooooot!!! :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Shepherd? 10 characters

What’s her name?

Maci! Good eye on the gender. You really are the man Bill!

She’s a Belgian malinois, with a little Dutch shepherd. So far it’s been a BLAST. She already loves fetch!!!

Not gender; sex.

And you give me too much credit. I simply figured that your new squeeze would be a girl, not a boy.

Call it a hunch.

Malinois? Jesus. Hope you like exercise 24/7/365

Haha yea. You’re right about that

But does she trade vix like a bawss

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The velocity ones

Nice man! I have a part Malinois part Carolina Dog and she’s the best but ditto the exercise part.

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is taking care of a female dog more difficult than male dog?

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I’d venture to say they are easier. More submissive, less territorial, less prone to run away, not humping your leg.

He’s right about the submissive part. But there is one trade off… female dog pee will INCINERATE grass. You have to dilute where she goes potty immediately with the garden hose or you’re gonna be diggin up a dead patch and laying down Scott’s turf builder.

But she is so worth it man. She was the one puppy I could build a bond with zero effort. And well, the first week has been nothing but fun!

Pee incidents: 1
Poop incidents: 0

LETS GOOOOO!!! Brand new puppy owners can’t even DREAM of numbers like those. And so far she LOVES her bath, and LOVES to play fetch.

But I swear… her farts are devastating.

Edit: I’m bragging about the potty training success because I’m home 24/7 due to Coronavirus obviously. So, if your on the fence about getting a dog, don’t even waste time arguing about boy or girl. Just do it.

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But don’t get a male Malinois if you have a family. It’s not worth the risk.

I worked Mals for a few years. Even one that was neutered. (Generally speaking) They are aggressive, strong, stubborn, too smart for their own good, and pack order/rank is important to them.

Yes, generally speaking bitches are easier than dogs. But each ■■■■■ or dog has its own personality and will vary greatly.

Although my dog is a mal/carolina dog, she is a rescue and honestly the best. I know some people may have reservations about rescues but i couldnt be happier and i know I am not an exception. Highly recommend it. Be like CEO, drop your gf for a dog.

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adopt dont shop