Meet the mets

Hope the Mets had fun. The Royals are going to kick the shit out of them, or, if by some chance the BJs come back, they’ll dominate them.

Go Royals.

There should be a Vegas line on which team scores more: the Royals or the Chiefs.

Both still score more than the Leafs.

And Crooked Chicago Cubbies lose again.

No curse, they just suck.

And I spent time living in the Windy City.

Cespedes movement of ja people

I was a baseball scout before I did the finance thing. Those pitchers the Mets have in Harvey, Syndergaard, DeGrom and Matz are very, very impressive. I know Matz gets less attention, but even he has lots of what you look for in a front of the rotation starter. Three of those guys have already established themselves as ace-types and Matz has the goods, too. Young pitching has a way of being very volatile year-to-year with injuries and such, so probably one or two of these guys fall off but what is presently in order is damn impressive.

I saw Harvey pitch at UNC-Chapel Hill a good amount as a freshman and sophomore and he was a bit of a mess, despite being very talented. The Mets have developed him very well. Obviously the other guys, too. The Mets scouting and pitching player development people deserve big $$$