Meet the mets

Greet the mets. We doing this like its 1986 tonight?

I suspect that the Dodgers are going to slaughter them.

Expect a ball to the dome tonight Utley

As much as I really don’t care for throwing at players for things, he really earned it. Couldnt even ask for his number to apologize, sent it through Wright? Lost respect for that one, as a Phillies fan I would have hoped he at least apologize a better. You make that slide fine, its dirty but its the playoffs and you gotta do what you gotta do but it was a clear takeout and you gotta reach out to him like a man.

Slightly better than cricket, but still BORING. UFC’s better.

Not likely: he was suspended for the next two games.

Try to keep up.

He is appealing though, wont he be able to play while appealing like in the NFL?

I mistook this to mean that you thought that he was charming.


maybe i do, maybe i dont


Whee you @ magician? Your mug team is getting worked over

They sure are.


You should stick to magic shows.

This series is awesome for someone with no rooting interest. My jaw hit the floor on Utley’s slide on Saturday night. And then it went through the floor when the umps called him safe and brought him back out from the dugout! The slide was dirty af but I’ve seen that happen in countless games over the years. It’s on the league to get that out of the game, they already did it at home plate.

Anyway - looks like the Mets rebounded even with Harvey getting smacked around out the gate. Gonna need Clayton Manning… er Kershaw to really step up tonight on 3 days rest. I do hope the Dodgers win because a game 5 of deGrom vs. Greinke would be unreal. That deGrom kid is naaaaaasty.

I played aau baseball and legion with harvey and campbell (harvey being the youngster of the group). I watched one inning and became pretty jealous of their income and had to shut it off and hate on them for the next 15 mins haha. jokes aside, routing for them

No excuse for Kershaw now. 3 run cushion. Let’s take this to Game 5 baby.

Hard to win the last game when you leave 6,000 runners on base.

Congratulations, Mets!

Suck it magician. DeGrom was a monster in the clutch


Anyway, that was a great series, maybe one of the best I’ve ever seen for an LDS. I can’t believe the Dodgers didn’t cover third… woof. Daniel Murphy would be a lot more likeable if he wasn’t a Jesus lovin’ homophobe but he still had a game for the ages.

And now Greinke has opted out, so hopefully he’ll be on the Red Sox next season.

Well it’s the butcher and the baker and the people on the streets where do we go? To sweep the cubbies