meetup anyone?

San Jose CA test center (Santa Clara conference center) right after exam?

Exchange contact info, making new friend, networking etc. Since it is against forum rule to talk about exam we will not talk about exam.

Again good luck! hope for the best!

taking the test in san jose – will not be sticking around for after though have plans that were made in january for my 6/1 saturday night festivities!

Not sure where you are but in case (impossible 20 sigma event ) you didn’t pass

not sure i follow what you’re saying about the group bit — but these cfa experiences are quite… unforgettable. I’ll definitely remember what happens during the exam for my use later in the event that I fail

are you from the SJ bay area? woulda helped to study with someone. .

I became a little wary of such offers ever since the craigs list killer story came out. I’m sure you can strike up a conversation with some people at your center though.

yes I live in south bay. I hope all of this discussion turns out to be irrelevant after tomorrow when both of us pass.

In case you want to connect, email me