Feeling good about moving 10% of my assets into cash and putting another 5% into index puts over the past week.

nice timing on the post, at least its after market is closed unlike last time :stuck_out_tongue: damn my SKF isn’t performing as well as I want it to

After March 31st I think we could easily slide back to 750. I’m not buying puts but I have certainly trimmed back my long exposure and moved some cash into a short fund.

go FAZmanian devil! almost back to breakeven.

You’re gonna go bananas very soon if you feel good everytime the market is up, and feel bad everytime it goes down.

well we are descendants of monkeys…

some of us are.

are you implying that monkeys aren’t smart? all they do is hang around in trees, eating and touching themselves all day. they got it right.

No, I meant that some of us are descendants of monkeys, and some are monkeys.