Member Directory

Did anybody of you L III candidates recognize that you got access to the CFA Member Directory in your CFA account? This is new in my account since today. Any clue what it could mean?

Congratulations, you passed.

you passed!

You’re kidding. I’m now browsing through the member directory and so few member without a “CFA” behind their names. Maybe I’m just in the list because I’ve finished all the application steps. Can anyone access this member directory, too???

Yes, you passed. Congratulations!!!

try to find yourself…

Yes, I’m in the list. But isn’t that just a sign for the membership? I filled out all the application steps 3 weeks ago

yep, it is just a sign that you are a member… nothing more. found myself too but no CFA after my name… :wink:

:slight_smile: was too good to be tru :slight_smile: was so excited. of course, no CFA behind my name as I only have 38months of working experience