Members' Voluntary Liquidation

I’m looking for a resource that lists instances of companies voting for voluntary liquidation and gives the reason for it. Specifically, I am interested in the number of members’ voluntary liquidations - otherwise known as a solvent liquidation - over the last 30 years or longer. Any jurisdiction would be interesting. Does anyone know a place where I can find such data? Thanks.

I am also interested in this. I have heard of this happening in extremely rare cases but can’t name even one example. CapIQ might have this data but it’s obscure, so I doubt it. This has happened in the history of time but basically is extremely rare outside of liquidating trusts that are designed with the explicit purpose of one day liquidating. A “regular company” with lots of cash and an unviable business is far more likely to squander the cash than to liquidate.

It would be interesting to read cases of those “regular companies” with lots of cash and an unviable business if you know of any resource for that?

I don’t. Do you have CapIQ? You could call them. Probably Bloomberg doesn’t have this data I am guessing. CapIQ is much better for equity screening in general. You could also try Google as a longshot but you’ve probably already done that.

Last idea would be to call the reference library at the university you graduated from and see if a reference librarian could look it up. I do this all the time with difficult searches and have about a 50/50 success rate including some really obscure stuff like newspaper articles that are over 100 years old.

Here’s what I got from a quick google of “list of voluntary liquidation”

there is this pdf:

within the PDF, on page 4, they describe how they were able to pull the list, it was by using COMPUSTAT (now part of capiq), then using Wall Street Journal Index to narrow it down.

From there, you could probably google the names and find out more.