Membership Sponsors

According to CFA institute: “All societies require two sponsors: A regular member of CFA Institute Your supervisor At least one of these sponsors must be a member of the society to which you are applying for membership. If the supervisor requirement cannot be met because you are the principal of the firm, a student, retired, or self-employed, or if providing a supervisor sponsor places you in a difficult professional position, then an additional sponsorship by a regular CFA Institute member is required” I work with and auditing firm and according to my understanding of CFA work experience guidelines for membership I may qualify for membership. I have following question, 1. How many charterholder sponsors do I need (as there is none in my firm). 2. Can I use my senior (manager) as my supervisor. I have worked with him most of the time. 3. Do I need to contact CFA local society for helping me out in finding sponsor and do they need my work experience details now. 4. How long is the actual (model) work experience to be drafted. Is there any specific example available. Please guide me. Kind Regards to all

  1. One. 2. Absolutely. 3. If you don’t personally know a charter holder, the local society is the best choice. They would help you out because they don’t mind having more people on board. 4. 48 months. See the CFAI site for the list. Good luck! Sean