Membership Upgrade

Hi all, Quick question - last December, before sitting for Level 3 exam, I applied for membership, and went through the whole process - 45 months of my work experience were approved, including my current job (technically meaning that in March - April i should have had 48 months of work experience approved). Yesterday, upon receiving the results for Level 3, I opted to upgrade my membership status from Affiliate to Regular Membership. In this case, do you know if they check again the previous work experience or they just update from the previous check? I’m just afraid that some of my prior months which were initially approved could be now rejected, depending on the person that checks … maybe he / she likes my role description or not … Thank you for your time.

they just approved my experience - the same jobs as last December were approved, but included trhe current position this means more than 48 months. Recommended Member Type - Regular In the Decision Days Remaining column now i have 44 days … anyone else seeing this? Do you know what this means?

the local society has 44 days to approve for regular membership. they will look at your work experience as well.

My local society (San Francisco) took about a week to approve my work experience despite their generous time allotment. I think this was likely due to the fact that I applied for regular membership off-cycle – i.e. not the day after the L3 results! The whole process was rather efficient.