Membership welcome kit?

So I joined CFAI as an associate member because I have a few hundred $$ buring a hole in my pocket. I was just wondering if you actually are sent anything to say ‘hello, welcome’ or anything like that? I paid my dues about 6 weeks ago and nothing has arrived. I was hoping for a little letter, maybe a “I love CFA” bumper sticker or a CFA hat pin, but nothing…? not even one scrp of communication. If I wasn’t able to log on to the website I may have though I had dreamed the whole thing up.

You get a note pad with the CFAI logo and some other throw away stuff. Mainly marketing materials. It takes weeks and weeks to come. The Boston society actually does give a “BSAS” bumper sticker when you join. You can put it right next to your alpha Jesus fish.

I guess it’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick