I just realized that on the website in the membership section I got my work experiences approved. However, I haven’t received any email and I’m wondering what’s the next step ? I guess it’s to pay the membership fee ?

I would appreciate some advise on the following steps.

Thank you.

Has it been approved by both CFA Institute and your local society? Sometimes it could be pending approval from the local society.

If both have approved, then just wait for their email (and provided fees paid)

Not approved by local society yet. As you say it’s likely because of that.

Thank you !

I submitted my application but no response yet. How long ago did you submit your application?

I sent it last Thursday. CFA Institute approved but not the local society yet so I can’t go further until they do.

Did anyone else get an email from CFAI on Thursday (8/30) with the subject: “Are you prepared for success? Assess your work experience.”

It has a Career Assessment link and in the box below that it has a Criteria for Membership section (how to write good job descriptions, etc.).

Ok that’s not too long. Hope I get my approval soon too xD thanks

yup I got that too

I sent it last Friday so hopefully by tomorrow I’ll hear back from them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you submit these applications AFTER or BEFORE you get the references?

Because right now I just got one reference back and still waiting on 2 more.

I think you have to receive all your references then you can submit the application

excellent. thanks!