Meme Stocks - How do they make you feel?

I love meme stocks. I’ve made about 15k this year getting in early and then back out fairly quickly.

I won’t be retiring early, but it’ll help pay for a new roof in about 18 months. I could have almost doubled those gains if I was willing to wait longer, but my FOMO is outweighed by my fear of catastrophic news breaking when I’m not able to hop on and sell.

That’s insane. I hope you didn’t purchase GME.

It’s mania. Nothing else. I hate missing out but gotta follow the rules and be discipline.

Jump in and get out quickly. But timing is hard.

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I actually busted into a dance. That’s a pretty hot hook, I have to admit…

this bussin though.

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This song will live forever. Instant classic. To the moon!

This fire tho!

Hindsight is a ■■■■■ with meme stocks. Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve! The thing is that right now there are probably tens or hundreds of new dogecoins lurking out there but just like three months ago, a smart investor understands the negatively skewed return distribution of betting on the next new thing and keeps investing according to his investment plan.