Meme Stocks - How do they make you feel?

How do meme stocks make you feel?

I personally have a large disdain for them but deep down inside, I feel bad for missing out on the gains.
I am trying to control that emotion and never follow the herd.

FOMO is a horrible feeling. Self-discipline is a must. If you had only invested $20,000 in Dogecoin in January, blah blah. Sure, it’s painful as heck. But imagine if you held those incremental millions and then it went to zero. Almost worse psychologically than just losing the $20,000 outright. That day is coming, for some. Just remember…the last laugh is always the heartiest.

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They make me happy. Means chatting about finance at the bar is more interesting :joy:

This sums it up perfectly.

Remember that time I bought 15,000 shares of AMC this February at $2.5 a pop?

Yeah, it’s probably for the better God didn’t afford me the luxury of hopping on the Water Cooler and rubbing a cool milly in all of your faces, so, I’d say I feel about the same as DOW - I hope they lose it all. I’m not mature enough to be rich. If I had seven figures in my bank right now, my boss would know I quit my job firstly by a linkedin post.

You bought at $2.5m hahaha. All that CFA knowledge paid off.

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It’s insane watching these charts. I know it’s not based on valuation and that it’s all emotional – AMC up 2,000% is mind-blowing.

its whatever! I hope whoever speculates on it does well. but personally, i have no regrets because i dont really like to speculate on money losing companies, high multiple companies, or things that dont generate any cash flow like art , crypto, or pokemon cards. I would have sold it even if it were 10x cheaper, so i would have never participated in the upside anyways. it like regretting my life because i didnt hook up with ariana grande when there was no chance to begin with anyways. thats how i see it at least.

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It smells like ■■■■■ in here.


Hahaha. What is he/she saying?

I tried running it through Google Translate, but it didn’t make 100% sense to me. Something about making dirty money (being anti-money laundering after failing to make $$$ by being corrupt? :man_shrugging:) or just being a hungry “borolista”. I get these memes just for the “Ay mijo!!” theme.

“Ay mijo” I understand.

Are you a Spanish speaker?

rofl hes a spaniard. a don juan.

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Pretty boy from Spain? The ladies (like the one above) are saying “Ay mijo”.

met a WSB mod recently. He was pitching GME to me - he thinks AMC is getting way too much attention. He thinks its part of the media’s plot to destroy GME. He literally just spouted financial information mixed with conspiracy theories for an hour or so. At the end he thanked me for my skeptical questions, but I only got 30 words in haha

he has made close to a million on his holdings and thinks the stock will go to somewhere between 1,000 and 10,000. I saw his brokerage account as he was showing me something else (proof of the conspiracy). crazy haha

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the difference between the gme and amc plays is that amc has 10b in debt. amc just diluted shareholders and raised about 500m. a wise move, but that will hardly make a dent on debt. GME, on the other hand, can essentially mint money by issuing out shares.
that said both are probably crappy businesses to be in. the main business is to sell money losing shares via hype. for example, in amc, you can actually get free popcorn as a shareholder.
short sellers are screwed via market supply and demand of those shares. the company can reduce the pain by issuing shares while also creating actual book value for the company by having cash on hand. a win win imo.