Memorial Day Weekend (USA)

Anyone doing anything this weekend that doesnt involved CFA? I’m gonna try but I got so many tests on my plate that I still have to finish! I’m gonna try to get done at least Stalla #1 Exam, CFA Sample Exam #2, and SS #13 Review. Maybe I’ll pound it out on Saturday and Sunday to have Monday to rest… I think I might need a rest even God rested on the 7th Day! :slight_smile:

Yea exactly he rested on the 7th for me thats June 7th but no seriously I’ll probably take a couple hours here and there to play bags supposed to be beautiful out. But I want to get done cfai sample ii, one/two schweser exams, and cfai 2007 plus review so plenty still left to do :(.

I still have all Stalla Exams, CFAI 2007 Exma, CFAI Samples #2 and #3 and the Mock Exam. Next weekend is going to be deadly with The Mock, CFAI #3, and Maybe a Stalla thrown in. I wasn’t going to do the Mock until a couple days before the exam, but I think I want to know how I’m doing overall with at least a week to go.

Yea I have a lot left too: -CFAI two samples -CFAI Mock -1 Schweser Book 1 exam -2 Schweser Book 2 exam -2007 CFAI Exam -Review review review wow now that I list it out that is a bunch of crap left to do, kinda depressing. anyhow I still plan on going out for a bit this weekend or ill lose my mind. now if they would only notify us for early release today i can get a couple more hours in today!!! dammint c’mon 2 oclock im hopin’