Memorization of formulas

Please tell me we don’t have to memorize the Paired Differences and Differences in Means tests? My head is hurting from the zillion other formulas already…

i hope not… I dont even know what that is… haha

I think it’s unlikely that memorization of those formulas is required. I believe a “Professor’s Note” in Schweser ventured the same view.

I remember those one - I copied them ones and then never again.

i figure, if it does come up in the exam, i’ve got a 25% chance of getting it right… i reckon its a good deal, rather than spending the loads of time it takes to study them and commit it to memory, only to get it wrong anyway in the exam…

I haven’t come across any question so far requiring these formulae.

the professor’s notes says you don’t need to memorize these formulas…just understand when they are used.

I found the difference between CFAI online test and book 6 exams is that CFAI seldom requires you to really memorize all the formulas. I remember most CFAI Stats questions give you Z or T value. They just ask you understand and judge 4 choices. So I would say memorization of formulas is not a big issue in this exam.