memorization of formulas

What are your preferred methods? For the LI, I mostly relied on cranking out Q-bank questions, until the last week or so when I switched to homemade flash cards. It worked well enough for me to pass, but I definitely didn’t remember every single formula I should have. One of these study aid companies needs to make a blackberry-based cfa flashcard or qbank program so I don’t have to carry around a bundle of flashcards and test printouts everywhere I go. Okay, that’s an impractical solution. But it would be nice.

I don’t feel that there are that many formulas to remember. But if you have difficulty just write it down 50 times in a notebook. Its pretty brainless activity that you could easily do on the train or something.

^ I second that…practice makes perfect…just keep on writing them down, however I think if you are actually using them in questions then you have a better chance of remembering them than actually writing them down pointlessly.

I purchased a white board for specifically this purpose. Pure rote memorization.

I have it as a reminder in my calendar that pops up everyday at lunch. It is all the formula names - I fill in all the formulas Do that for a month or two and you will remember them all.

I don’t remember having to memorize formulas, all of them made sense.

I need to learn how to understand some of the derivative formulas for swaps and other interest rate agreements.

practice questions!! over and over and over. blah

White board is a nice idea. I bought one a couple of month ago and put it over my desktop. When I see some difficult formula, I write it so I can see it every time I walk through the room, read e-mail or whatever. Helps a lot, I have to admit.