memory Aid - Barier to int'l investing LOS 28.h

just came up with a memory aid for Barriers to international Investing LOS 28.h SS 8 " Teeth aRe Too Costly For Political Manipulation" Transaction Costs Regulations Taxes Currency risk Familiarity , lack of Political Risk Market Efficiency.


how about: Total Right Timing Cause Frank Politely Mentioned (i know this won’t fly :-))

GIPS makes more sense this LOS.

Why do you need to memorize those in the first place? CFAI will never ask to list the barriers to international investing. They might ask which one of the choices is not a barrier etc (and that would be a crap question,too) but in that case you won’t need to know because all of them are intuitive. My recommendation is not to waste time with such non-testable things.

" Trannies Regulate Taxes Currently Familiar to Political Moguls"

How about an “ATTRACtive FeMale Politician”?