Memory Challenged

Hi, I started studying end of July and now i dont remember most of it. I have 2 more weeks for finishing the first round. I am starting to panic. Not sure if i should re-read again or focus on the practice exams. Thanks for advise, LRM

2 weeks to practice some questions to get a feel of it. Then probably another 1 week to skimp through again. The remaining for more questions!

Don’t sweat it bro. Expect to retain very little on your first pass through the material. Retention only starts when you are doing your second pass over the material, doing all the end of chapter questions and are hammering QBank. Though you are cutting it fine by only finishing your 1st run through with not much time left. Given that you only really have 6 weeks till game day, you may not have time to cover the material again. You should probably look at hammering Qbank and end of chapter question for the next few weeks. Then do the practice exams (should only take a week to do them all) and use them to pinpoint the areas you need to focus on for the last 2 weeks or so.

I would like to differ. My strategy would be to take one schweser pro 45 qn exam everyday ( shud take you 1 hour to complete, another 30 mins to understand and grade) Then, I would devote all other time completely to revision. I assume you are studying atleast 3 hour everyday and atleast 10 hours on sat/sun However, If i’m really short on time, then I would just revise. This worked really well for me in all three levels

I agree with bhaiyyu. I had devoted more time for revision than for questions. Pros for this strategy: You get to understand concepts better. This takes you less time in answering such questions in exam. Most questions are based more on concepts and less on calculations. Cons: You are not exposed as much to the variety of potential questions. Just reading text does not give you enough idea on variety of exam like questions. I think you still have enough time to revise as well as do questions. May be, next month, divide your time 60 - 40 between revision and questions. It is just my opinion though. Different people will have different ways in how things work for them.

10 hours on Sat Sun!?!?!?! HOLY CRAP! I do 4 MAYBE 5.