With thousands of pages to read and learn from, the question is how does one retain all this information over a long period? There are special techniques for speed reading, learning and memorizing material effectively. Does anyone know? Thanks.

You see the thing is… you really just have to learn it. Pure memorization is useless.

Knowing is only half the battle.

Understanding it I think is key. If you totally have no prior background in Finance, it would be helpful for you to check how the concepts apply to the real world. You can try monitoring Bloomberg, WSJ and FT from time to time.

You want to study actively. Don’t just read the text over and over. Make sure you’re working lots of problems.

bpdulog Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Knowing is only half the battle. go joe!


A big help for me was writing concepts (either notecards or outlines) in my own words for later review. Things are more easily recalled in your own words. Make sure to make your outlines and note cards detailed enough though! I had several that were just gibberish short hand that made no sense until i re-read the concepts in the text. Short answer: Study your balls off.

You will never memorize this much material. As mentioned it has to be learned.

There are no shortcuts. Learn the concepts as well as you can and it will fall into place.

Understanding the material isn’t enough. You’ve got to KNOW it.

JensensalphaMale Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Understanding the material isn’t enough. You’ve > got to KNOW it. Yeah seriously . . . like ‘know know’ - - haha