Men's Health Week

So it turns out that next week is Men’s Health Week. Get those prostate exams scheduled guys!

This is why its good to have a female doctor with small hands. May have to get a good wax and bleach before I schedule the appointment.

Men’s health? MEN’S health? What about women’s health and the health of those that don’t assume a gender. This thread is socially insensitive.

Damn the white cis man.

it is hard being a white straight man in america… who is representing our best interests!!!1! We should march!

Since I changed my self identity to be a female kangaroo, I became immune to prostate cancer.

how bout some mens health links peeps. I could afford to eat a little better & workout a bit more i suppose

Stop! OK keep doin it.


hahah fantastic bit Turd

I think Road Trip is an under-appreciated movie. Watched it again a few months ago. It’s held up well.

agreed, i thought it was average when i first saw it. During a recent rewatch i appreciated it far more due to the fact it aged well

I was hoping to get myself banned.

whoa wtf. is that thing real? i’ve never gotten that test.

Figured you of all people would have some crazy story of some chick you met doing some test like this. Im saddened nery

road trip is classic

Probably because none of the main actors ever really took off.

Which is odd because it’s a good cast. Breckin Meyer has done pretty well. A few years on Franklin & Bash paid the bills. And he’s made a good chunk of change with his involvement in Robot Chicken (which is one of the funniest shows on tv). Stifler (that is his real name as far as I’m concerned) has found success doing voice acting, which may be the best gig in Hollywood. Tom Green lost a testicle and never really came back, though I hear his podcast is pretty good. Amy Smart surprises me the most. I thought she was going places.

Amy Smart was in a good chunk of movies.

someone tried a few mos ago but i wasnt down. she said i was boring af, i called her weird. i saw her again though randomly on my friend’s bday. real quick, whod be down for that? i just want to see if im the norm or the outlier. ty

But yeah I suppose none of them were all that great. Although I have a soft spot for Just Friends. That movie is great.